Ph.D. Dissertations - Michael Franklin

Go with the Flow: Graphs, Streaming and Relational Computations over Distributed Dataflow
Reynold Shi Xin [2018]

High-Performance Systems for Crowdsourced Data Analysis
Daniel Haas [2017]

Skipping-oriented Data Design for Large-Scale Analytics
Liwen Sun [2017]

System Design for Large Scale Machine Learning
Shivaram Venkataraman [2017]

End-to-End Large Scale Machine Learning with KeystoneML
Evan Sparks [2016]

Scalable Transactions for Scalable Distributed Database Systems
Gene Pang [2015]

Collecting Data With the Crowd
Beth Trushkowsky [2014]

Extracting and Querying Probabilistic Information in BayesStore
Daisy Zhe Wang [2011]

Data-Centric Scientific Workflow Management Systems
David T Liu [2007]

Query Processing for Large-Scale XML Message Brokering
Yanlei Diao [2005]

Query Processing over Live and Archived Data Streams
Sirish Chandrasekaran [2005]

The Design and Evaluationof a Query Processing Architecture for Sensor Networks
Samuel R. Madden [2003]

Pay-as-you-go Data Cleaning and Integration
Shawn Jeffery [2008]