Ph.D. Dissertations - Lior Pachter

Computational approaches to understanding the genetic architecture of complex traits
Brielin Brown [2016]

Fast and accurate quantification and differential analysis of transcriptomes
Harold Pimentel [2016]

Statistical Models for Genome Assembly and Analysis
Atif Rahman [2015]

Ambiguous fragment assignment for high-throughput sequencing experiments
Adam Roberts [2013]

Statistical algorithms in the study of mammalian DNA methylation
Meromit Singer [2012]

Posterior Decoding Methods for Optimization and Accuracy Control of Multiple Alignments
Ariel Shaul Schwartz [2007]

Computational Analyses of Eukaryotic Gene Evolution
Sourav Chatterji [2006]

Whole-Genome Alignments and Polytopes for Comparative Genomics
Colin Noel Dewey [2006]

Combinatorics of Viterbi Sequences
Eric H.-S. Kuo [2005]

Three Variations on the Theme of Comparative Genomics: Metagenomics, Mitochondrial Gene Rearrangements and MicroRNAs
Kevin C. Chen [2005]