Former Faculty
David Forsyth Curently at UIUC

Former Ph.D. Students
Paul Kube On Image Texture. 1988
Pietro Perona Finding Texture and Brightness Boundaries in Images. 1990
Niklas Nordstrom Variational Edge Detection. 1990
Ziv Gigus Object Recognition from Line Drawings. 1991
David G. Jones Computational Models of Binocular Vision. 1991
Clark Olson Fast Object recognition by Selectively Examining Hypotheses. 1994
Joseph Weber The Measurement and Use of Visual Motion. 1994
Ruth Rosenholtz Local Shape from Texture. 1994
Paul Debevec Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs. 1996
Christoph Bregler Computational Models of Human Motion. 1998
Jianbo Shi Perceptual Organization and Image Segmentation. 1998
Chad Carson Region-Based Image Querying and Classification. 1999
Yi Ma A Differential Geometric Approach to Computer Vision and its Applications in Control. 2000
Yizhou Yu Modeling and Editing Real Scenes with Image-Based Techniques. 2000
Thomas Leung Visual Texture Analysis. 2000
Serge Belongie Image Segmentation and Shape Matching for Object Recognition. 2000
John Haddon Shape Representations and Bilinear Problems in Computer Vision. 2001
Sergey Ioffe Managing Correspondence Search in Object Recognition. 2001
David Martin An Empirical Approach to Grouping and Segmentation. 2002
Alexei A. Efros Data-driven Approaches for Texture and Motion. 2003
Laura Walker Renninger Parts, Objects and Scenes: Psychophysics and Computational Models. 2003
Greg Mori Detecting and Localizing Human Figures. 2004
Andras Ferencz Finding Good Features For Object Recognition. 2005
Deva Ramanan Tracking People and Recognizing their Actions. 2005
Charless Fowlkes Measuring the Ecological Validity of Grouping and Figure-Ground Cues. 2005
Alex Berg Shape Matching and Object Recognition. 2005
Xiaofeng Ren Probabilistic Models for Mid Level Vision. 2006
Tamara Berg Exploiting Words and Pictures. 2007
Hao Zhang Adapting Learning techniques for Visual Recognition. 2007
Andrea Frome Learning Distance Functions for Exemplar-Based Object Recognition. 2007
Ryan White Modeling Cloth from Examples. 2007
Jaety Edwards ?? 2007
Parvez Ahammad Learning Data Driven Representations from Large Collections of Multidimensional Patterns with Minimal Supervision. 2008
Michael Maire Contour detection and image segmentation. 2009
Ashley Eden Finding Lost Children. 2010
Chetan Nandakumar Invariance in Human Visual Perception. 2011
Lubomir Bourdev Poselets and Their Applications in High-Level Computer Vision. 2011
Subhransu Maji Algorithms and Representations for Visual Recognition 2011
Chunhui Gu Recognition Using Regions 2012

Former Postdoctoral Fellows
Roberto Manduchi 1993-1995
Dieter Koller 1992-1994
Quang-Tuan Luong 1993-1995
David Beymer 1995-1996
Hayit Greenspan 1996
Philip McLauchlan 1996-1997
C.J. Taylor 1996-1997
Jana Kosecka 1996-1999
Jianbo Shi 1998-1999
Paul Debevec 1996-2000
Jan Puzicha 1999-2000
Doron Tal 1999-2000
Yair Weiss 1998-2001
Kobus Barnard 2000-2002
Pinar Duygulu 2000-2002
Erik Learned-Miller 2002-2004
Yee Whye Teh 2002-2004
Stella Yu 2002-2004
Eran Borenstein 2004-2004
Bjorn Ommer 2007-2009
Thomas Brox 2008-2010
Manmohan Chandraker 2009-2011

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