Figure-Ground Assignments in Natural Images

This page allows you to download data associated with our two papers on figure-ground assignment in natural images. An archive containing the figure-ground labellings is available [fgdata.tar.gz] along with additional MATLAB code for manipulating the files [fgcode.tar.gz].

Each figure-ground labeling is associated with a particular segmentation from the Berkeley Segmentation DataSet (BSDS). You will also likely want to download the set of BSDS [images], [segmentations], and the accompanying [code].

The figure-ground labels came from a separate set of human subjects from those that originally segmented the BSDS images. The sub-directories in the figure-ground data indicate the BSDS user id, the filename gives the image id followed by the figure/ground user id. There are two f/g labellings per segmentation.

To load a figure-ground labeling into MATLAB one may proceed with:

     seg = readSeg('/home/eecs/fowlkes/BSDS300/human/color/1103/181091.seg');
     bmap = seg2bmap(seg);
     [cmap,cid2sid] = seg2cmap(seg,bmap);
     FG = readbin('/home/eecs/fowlkes/fgdata/color/1103/181091-104.fg');
This example loads image #181091 which has been segmented by subject #1103 and each contour subsequently labeled by figure-ground subject #104. FG{1} gives the figure/ground labeling encoded with two-pixel wide contours. A alternate representation is contained in FG{2} which gives the label for each contour, the support of the ith contour is given by (cmap==i) and the pair of abutting segments by cid2sid.

If you make use of this data, please cite the following paper:

  • C. Fowlkes, D. Martin, J. Malik. "Local Figure/Ground Cues are Valid for Natural Images" Journal of Vision, 7(8):2, 1-9. [pdf]

You may also be interested in:
  • X. Ren, C. Fowlkes, J. Malik. "Figure/Ground Assignment in Natural Images", ECCV, Graz, Austria, (May 2006). [pdf]

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