Human Motion Identification

A Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative


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In this MURI initiative, we are investigating human motion from a wide range of perspectives. The research can be categorized into five main areas: The tables below summarize sub-categories of research in each of the main areas, and describe where this research is taking place. For additional details on research in a particular area, please see the specific web site associated with the particular institution, which is linked from the list of participating institutions.


Tracking research by institution
As pointsCourse scaleKinematic
Berkeley-Using optical flowUsing point features
Using body parts
Caltech--Using point motion features
USCUsing range data-Using space carving

Motion representation

Motion representation research by institution
DeformableImage basedShort and medium time scaleLong time scale
Berkeley-Using optical flowClustering marker positionsModified clustering
Caltech-Parsing silhouettesClustering marker positionsHMM's
NYUBy tracking points/regions---

Motion classification

Motion classification research by institution
From 2DFrom 3DCompositional annotationsBulk motion annotation
BerkeleyUsing optical flowLifted tracker outputSupport vector machinesOnline learning
Motion capture
CaltechUsing point features-- -
Using clustered motions
USC-Using clustered motions--

Motion synthesis

Motion synthesis research by institution
Cut and paste 2DCut and paste 3D3D from annotationBy statistical model
BerkeleyMatchingSearch motion graphSearch weighted by annotation-
NYU---Multi-resolution motion texture
USC---From clusters

Data collection

Data collection efforts
IndividualsMotion capture dataLinked motion capture and videoRange dataBulk video
Berkeley-Electronic Arts, SonyFrom Stanford-Hours, Week, Month
CaltechVideoMotion capture setupMotion capture setup--
NYU-Motion capture setup---
USC---Pointlike people-


There are eight faculty doing active research on human motion identification as part of this MURI program. Their web pages are linked below. Additional post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, and staff can be found at the university-specific sites.
  • Chris Bregler (NYU)
  • John Canny (Berkeley)
  • David Forsyth (Berkeley)
  • Michael Jordan (Berkeley)
  • Jitendra Malik (PI) (Berkeley)
  • Maja Mataric' (USC)
  • Pietro Perona (Caltech)
  • Stuart Russell (Berkeley)

    Participating Institutions

    Research for the human motion identification MURI is taking place at the following four research universities: Each of the links above takes you to a web page describing the specific research efforts at that site.


    If you have questions about this MURI on human motion identification, please contact Erik Miller by email at