H3D Dataset

Lubomir Bourdev and Jitendra Malik

Updated June 17, 2011

Download H3D version 1.01 (325MB)

H3D (Humans in 3D) is a dataset of annotated people. The annotations include:

We will include an updated Matlab toolbox that will allow accessing the H3D dataset.

Annotation Tool

The annotation tool used to create H3D, as well as video instructions are available here. You may want to use it to browse H3D, make corrections, as well as create your own dataset.


The images used in HAT are taken from Flickr under the Creative Commons Attribution license. It allows for redistribution and derivative work for non-commercial or commercial purposes as long as the authors are attributed accordingly. Please see the license for more detail.


The project/paper describing H3D is available here.

If you use H3D please use the following BibTex reference:

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