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3D Models from Multiple Frames and Multiple Views
View-independent Scene Acquisition for Tele-immersion
Integrating point matching, line matching and dense stereo.
Indexing and Retrieval of 3D Objects
Robust Subspace Learning for Vision and Graphics
Structure From Motion Using Sequential Monte
Carlo Methods
Polygon Rendering and the Imagine Stream Processor
Progressive Geometry Compression
Structure of Pictorial Relief
demo (VHS tape or higher quality)
"Watchpoint's Interactive Hyperlinked Video System"
Multi-Hypothesis Disparity-Compensated Light Field Compression
Image quilting for texture synthesis and texture transfer
Closed-form learning and synthesis of dynamic textures.
Reflection as Convolution
3-D Object Reconstruction Using Spatially Extended Voxels and Multi-Hypothesis Voxel Coloring
Matching Shapes
Real-time 3D Model Acquisition
Image-Based Reconstruction of Shift-Variant Materials
New Methods and Applications for Texture Synthesis
A Wide-Field Stereoscopic High Dynamic-range Viewer
Semi-Regular Mesh Extraction from Volumes
Single View Modeling
RAYS (Render As You See): Vision-Realistic Rendering Using Hartmann-Shack Wavefront Aberrations
Virtual Tourism using Image- and Video-Based Modeling and Rendering
Applications of particle filtering
A Comparative Study of Focused JPEG Compression, FJPEG
Model-Aided Coding: Using 3-D Scene Models
in Motion-Compensated Video Coding
Image Analogies
3D exploitation and manipulation of motion imagery
Mensurating the Color Circle: Ostwald's "Principle of Internal Symmetry"
EnhancedDesk: augmented desk interface system and its applications
Estimation of illumination distribution based on shadows
View-normalized recognition using image-based rendering
Trevor Darrell, Gregory Shaknarovich, Lenoard McMillan
Estimating illumination and reflectance from
image sequences
Exploring VR and Mobile AR Systems for Military Battlefield Interaction
Integrating point matching, edge matching and dense stereo
Algorithms for Defining Visual Regions of Interest: Comparison with Eye Fixaions
A Quantitative Approach to Image Segmentation
Interactive View Synthesis from Compressed Light Fields
An On-Line Repository of Thousands of Long-
Baseline, Calibrated Images Acquired Outdoors
3D model acquisition from uncalibrated silhouettes
A real-time procedural shading system for programmable graphics hardware
Hardware-accelerated visualization of surface light fields
Spatially Encoded Far-Field Representations for Interactive Walkthrough