BOOM: Berkeley Orders of Magnitude

Peter Alvaro, Tyson Condie, Neil Conway, Joseph M. Hellerstein, William Marczak and Ras Bodik

Many say that "The Cloud" will be the next game-changing computing platform. The race is on to define and capture it. Historically, new platforms take off when independent developers start to make innovative use of their unique features. In the case of Cloud Computing, that means exploiting distributed systems in a datacenter. As of now there's no widely-used programming model that lets a developer easily coordinate the distributed power of a datacenter. That severely limits the population of developers who can exercise these platforms creatively. Enter BOOM, an effort to explore implementing a Cloud software stack in a data-centric language. BOOM stands for the Berkeley Orders Of Magnitude project, because we seek to enable people to build systems that are OOM bigger than are building today, with OOM less effort than traditional programming methodologies.

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