Build Your Own Blocks: A Scratch Extension for CS Courses for Non-Majors

Brian K. Harvey, Dan Garcia and Albert Segars

(workshop) This workshop is for high school and college teachers of general- interest ("CS 0") CS courses. It presents the programming environment used in one of the five "AP CS Principles" pilot courses. BYOB (Build Your Own Blocks) is a graphical, drag-and- drop programming language based on Scratch. Scratch is unthreatening, object- oriented, and multithreaded. But a Scratch program is written as "scripts" without names, arguments, or return values. BYOB supports older learners by adding named procedures (thus recursion), procedures as data (thus higher order functions), and structured lists. Participants will learn BYOB through discussion, programming exercises, and exploration. See for details and software. Laptop required.

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