Child Question Answering Software

John F. Canny, Anuj Tewari and Carrie Cai

During the critical stages of language acquisition for young children, large leaps of cognitive development simultaneously take place as children develop the their ability to ask questions. In previous research, transcripts between parent-child interactions show a large percentage of child speech take the form of questions, and further, a large percentage of those questions are information-seeking [1]. For under-resourced families, many of these questions, which are an integral part of the child's cognitive development, may go unanswered. In response, we are proposing guided interactions through an electronic medium, which will present pre-defined contexts to a child, encourage questions, and finally answer those questions through a compiled fact database.

(2007) II. Analysis of the CHILDES Database. Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, 77, 14-44.