Center for Micro/Nano Scaling Induced Physics (MiNaSIP)

Clark Nguyen1, Liwei Lin2 and Piazza Gianluca3

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Grant No. N66001-10-1-4005

The Center for Micro/Nano Scaling Induced Physics (MiNaSIP) is a DARPA N/MEMS Science & Technology Center aiming to understand, control, engineer, and exploit scaling-induced physics in MEMS RF devices; and investigate the influence of environment and materials on the stability of such devices. The fundamental science and technology issues under study include frequency-dependent loss, damping mechanisms, mechanical crosstalk, nonlinear losses and noise, acceleration sensitivity, device drift, package-induced strain offset in bonding, and impedance matching to nano-mechanics. Measurement of some of the these parameters requires on-chip integration with transistor circuits to achieve sufficient resolution, so much of the work in this center focuses on materials and devices suitable for such integration.

Figure 1
Figure 1: The four different fundamental bins under study in the Center for Micro/Nano Scaling-Induced Physics: noise, drift, impedance, and damping.

1Principal Investigator
2UC Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering
3Univ. of Pennsylvania, Electrical Engineering