Safety and Security Issues and Solutions for Connected Vehicles

Akihito Iwai1, Armin Wasicek and Edward A. Lee

Industrial Cyberphysical Systems and Denso

Vehicles that are connected to each other, to cloud and to infrastructure bring about a variety of concerns about safety and security, because tasks with different safety and critical requirements can execute on the same platform, interacting with each other. Through this project, we identify potential threats to safety and security of connected vehicles and find possible and realistic attack scenarios on connected vehicles. Then, we try to address these concerns about safety and security through resource separation and authentication. While we partition resources for tasks different types of tasks in an efficient way for safety and security, we also consider safe and secure way of communication between those tasks. The methods for resource partitioning and secure communication include approaches from both software and hardware side, and leverages collaboration of both software and hardware.

1Denso Corporation