Theory-based Construction of Synthetic Circuit Robustness through a Parts to Circuit Approach

Hal Alper1, Andrew Ellington2, Howard Salis3 and Murat Arcak

Air Force Office of Scientific Research FA9550-14-1-0089

This project pursues a DNA-design centric approach to create robust parts and circuits guided by biophysical, thermodynamic, statistical, and stochastic models in addition to evolution, to: 1) predict a genetic part’s function according to its DNA sequence; 2) develop a systematic, theory-based approach to identify optimal DNA sequences for maximum system performance; 3) specifically program robustness into parts and circuits; 4) project a genetic system’s behavior in response to changing environmental or genetic conditions and the effects of evolutionary drift over long time-scales in order to design genetic systems.

1UT Austin
2UT Austin
3Penn State