Micro-Synchrophasors for Distribution Systems

Alexandra von Meier, David E. Culler, Kameshwar Poolla, Michael P Andersen, Kyle Brady, Dan Arnold1, Emma Stewart2, Alex McEachern3 and Keith Moffat

Department of Energy DE-AR0000340

This projects investigates the use of high-precision voltage phase angle measurements from micro-synchrophasors or µPMUs for electric distribution networks. A multi-disciplinary team from UC Berkeley, CIEE, LBNL and Power Standards Laboratory is developing and testing this novel measurement technology along with tools to process big, fast data. In conjunction with field demonstrations at LBNL and at several utilities, the team is studying diagnostic and control applications for µPMU data.[1]

von Meier, A., D. Culler, A. McEachern and R. Arghandeh, "Micro-Synchrophasors for Distribution Systems," IEEE 2014.

1Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
2Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
3Power Standards Lab