FurtherReach/Celerate (FR)

Yahel Ben David and Eric Brewer


The FurtherReach/Celerate project is an initiative to provide affordable broadband Internet access to rural communities around the world, thanks to a grant from Google.org and in collaboration with scientists at Berkeley and Stanford. Many rural communities remain disconnected or are forced to rely upon slow, unreliable, or expensive Internet access. While many long-range networks have been developed in the past to connect such communities, the rollouts of such networks are fraught with complexities of both deployment and operation, leading to higher costs and lower reliability for users. Celerate will leverage work from the burgeoning area of Software Defined Networking (SDN) to help redefine how such networks are built and managed. The initial phase of Internet access rollout will begin with rural communities in Northern California within 250 miles of the San Francisco Bay Area. This initial rollout will enable De Novo Group and its affiliated researchers to provide real Internet access to users while refining new approaches that improve performance, reliability, and affordability. Beyond this initial series of deployments, Celerate will expand to communities beyond California, and De Novo Group will seek to partner with interested technologists around the world.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Further Reach