3D Printed Smart Application with Embedded Electronics Sensors and Systems

Ali Javey, HIroki Ota and Yuji Gao

National Science Foundation

Our goal is the development of personalized applications using a 3D printed process which integrates liquid-state printed components and interconnects with readily available silicon IC chips layered across all three dimensions with various orientations to deliver fully integrated system-level functionalities. Our process allows for personalization of objects with electronic capabilities through the incorporation of advanced IC components and various sensing and actuation functionalities within complex 3D architectures. As an example application, our process can be used to develop personalized physical assisting and therapeutic devices that need to be tailored to the patientĀ's needs and body. To this end, we demonstrate a form-fitting glove with an embedded programmable heater, temperature sensor and the associated control electronics for thermotherapeutic treatment. Such levels of personalization and 3D integration of system-level functionalities into objects, as enabled by our process, are well aligned with the vision of Internet of Things.