Phasor-Based Control for Scalable Solar Photovoltaic Integration (ENERGISE)

Alexandra von Meier, Keith Moffat, Jaimie Swartz, Kyle Brady, Carl Blumstein1, Dan Arnold2 and Elizabeth Ratnam3

Department of Energy SunShot ENERGISE 8008

Phasor-Based Control (PBC) is a radically new layered control framework for managing high penetrations of solar and other variable energy resources on electric utility distribution circuits. This project integrates several threads of research and development including high-precision micro-synchrophasor (µPMU) measurements, analytics relating phasor profiles to dynamic and unbalanced power flows, decentralized adaptive control algorithms, and simulation capabilities to effectively characterize large networks. Project partners include LBNL, Opal-RT, GridBright, Doosan GridTech, and PG&E. The key innovations of the proposed technology are: (1) the use of phasors as the basis for control minimizes the number of measurements, and hence sensors and communication infrastructure, that will be required to deploy high levels of PV; (2) the development and integration of decentralized adaptive control algorithms at the device level that can handle uncertain levels of loads and generation, as well as the integration of new PV; (3) the ability to increase system reliability by aligning phasors to allow interconnections between different parts of the network.