The Gigascale Systems Research Center

We invite BEARS visitors to attend the Gigascale Systems Research Center (GSRC) Open House on Friday, February 27, 2:00 pm - 4:30 PM in the Donald O. Pederson Center for Electronic Systems Design (DOP Center), which is located on the 5th floor of Cory Hall. (See Directions) We will showcase our research, including Metropolis and MESCAL, with posters and presentations.


GSRC logoFor the foreseeable future, the silicon integrated circuit (IC) industry will continue to invest heavily in manufacturing capability as it attempts to sustain the historical productivity growth of the microelectronics industry. However, as the industry moves to ever-smaller feature sizes, as the maximum number of transistors/chip continues to grow, and under the relentless pressure of time-to-market for high-quality, reliable products.

The Gigascale Systems Research Center focuses on the pertinent problems that the semiconductor industry will most likely face in the next decade in the area of system design, integration, test, and verification. Orders of magnitude of improvement in energy efficiency, cost, reliability, and time to market are needed to sustain the current growth.

To address the multiple challenges of this focus the GSRC is structured along seven interlocking research thrusts:

Two of these thrusts, Heterogeneous Systems Design and Integration and Soft Systems representing a vision of how integrated systems of the future are to be realized will be highlighted in the open house.


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Directions to Campus

To get to campus by car, please see the Directions to Campus

Directions to Cory Hall

Once you get to Oxford Street from University:

1. Take a left (North) onto Oxford.
2. Take a second stoplight right (East) onto Hearst.
3. Follow Hearst along the north side of campus past the stoplight at Euclid Avenue.

Cory Hall is located on the corner of Hearst and Gayley, at the northeast corner of campus. If you enter Cory Hall at one of the Hearst entrances, you will be on the second floor. The GSRC Open House will meet at the main entrance to the DOP Center, on the 5th floor of Cory Hall, Room 545.

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