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Administrative Computing Group

What We Do

We support computer and IT systems used by the EECS departmental administration as well as web applications used within and beyond the department. We are responsible for:

Note to our clients: If you are considering purchasing or upgrading computer equipment or printers, please contact us. We maintain an inventory of administrative computing equipment and would like to help you to find the best equipment to suit both your current and future needs.

Who We Support

We provide user support for the staff members of the following groups:

  • EECS Department Office
  • Center for Student Affairs (Graduate and Undergraduate Offices)
  • External Relations Group (XRG)
  • Computer Science Division Staff
  • Electrical Engineering Instructional Support Staff
  • [Organizational Chart]

We also provide web applications for the Engineering Dean's Office, EECS, and in some cases the College as a whole.

Procedures and Documentation