Administrative Computing Group

We provide IT support for EECS departmental administration.

We design, develop, and maintain departmental web/database applications that serve EECS and the College of Engineering.

IT Support

Web/Database Applications

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My EECS Info
Provides access to a variety of information for members of the EECS community (faculty, graduate students, staff, researchers). Information includes faculty contact info, assistants, office hours, research areas, centers/labs, research projects, faculty committees, graduate students, industrial contacts, courses, publications, technical reports, office/desk assignments. Allows edits to most existing data that is linked to the user. Provides links for faculty to the graduate admissions, faculty recruitment, and grad student review systems, plus any other applications that a specific faculty member has access to.


EECS Faculty
Stores public directory information on EECS faculty, including contact info, brief biography, office hours, assistants, teaching schedule, research areas, centers/labs, and faculty awards. The data is the source for several sections of the EECS website, including the various faculty list pages, the departmental faculty homepages, the faculty awards pages, the research areas and centers and labs pages, and the current and future class schedules pages. Updates to most data can be made via My EECS Info. This data also feeds various departmental mailing lists via direct database queries.
EECS Faculty Administration & Heaven Points
Stores restricted administrative information on EECS faculty: committee service, administrative positions, leaves, and faculty teaching loads. The data is the source for the faculty committees and administrative officers web page.
EECS Publications
Tracks EECS technical reports, faculty publications, and departmental dissertations. For technical reports, the publication itself is stored as a PDF file. The data is the source of several sections of the EECS website: Technical Reports, Ph.D. Dissertations, Master's Theses, and Patents, as well as publication info on faculty homepages. Updates to some data can be made via My EECS Info.
EECS Faculty Recruiting Review
Loads data from the Campus faculty recruiting system (APRecruit) and provides a streamlined interface for the faculty and staff who review the many applications for EECS positions.
EECS Faculty Ballots
Manages faculty voting on academic appointments and advancements within EECS.
CoE Academic Personnel
Provides an overall view of a faculty member's career and progress at UCB, with separate interfaces for Dean's Office and departmental academic personnel staff.
CoE Faculty Ballots
Manages faculty voting on endowed chairs and Engineering-wide academic proposals.
CoE Faculty Committees
Tracks College faculty committees and their membership by academic year.


Graduate Admissions Review
Handles review, financial support planning, and long-term reporting for applications to our graduate programs. Most of the application data is downloaded from the campus Slate admissions system during the application cycle each fall. This application is used by staff to track applicants throughout the admission process. There are separate faculty modules to review applicants and assist with admission decisions, to plan financial support, and to track visit day appointments.
Continuing Graduate Student
Stores information on current graduate students. It is used by staff to track all academic progress towards degree and to run reports both for tracking current students and for gathering long-term statistics. Information from this system is provided in a useful form to populate faculty biobib reports. There is a separate application that is used by students and faculty for graduate student reviews.
EECS Graduate Student Exit Survey
Provides an online survey filled out by EECS graduate students upon program completion, and reports summarizing the results for staff.
Academic Student Employee (ASE) Hiring
Handles online applications for Graduate Student Instructor (GSI), Reader, and Tutor positions and is used by staff and faculty to review applications and make position assignments. Data from this application is shared in real-time with ERSO/CSS for the HR component of ASE hiring.
Undergraduate Student
Tracks academic and degree progress for College of Engineering undergraduates. As of 2018, data from this system is shared with ETS for the learning analytics system that they are piloting for Engineering.
L&S CS Major Application
Used for applying for admission into the L&S CS major.
EECS Undergraduate Faculty Advising
This application is used by EECS to manage undergraduate faculty advising. There are separate applications that are used by faculty to update their advising info and preferences each semester and by students to choose advisers and sign-up for advising sessions.
Student Awards
It handles nominations (or applications) for student awards and fellowships managed by the department. Allows online faculty review of the applications.
CAEE Visitors
Provides a registration and reporting system for students using services at or provided by the Center for Access to Engineering Excellence.
CalSO Orientation
An online orientation for incoming Engineering students, both freshmen and transfers, to help them understand degree requirements and plan their courses.
ESS Appointment Scheduling
Provides a specialized interface and glue to use the YouCanBookMe service for students to schedule appointments with staff advisors, ensuring that they get the correct advisor for their major.
DARE: Diversifying Access to Research in Engineering
Matches undergraduate students with research opportunities in EECS and to promote diversity. The application assists students in finding long lasting research opportunities that also fit their interests and abilities.


Stores information on keys (metal and card) used to access rooms in buildings, including people to whom the keys have been checked out.
Stores information on room and desk assignments in Cory and Soda Halls; allows facilities manager to track what spaces are available at a given time.
Card Key Access
Application for assigning card key access to physical spaces within EECS. Access groups can be designated using criteria such as course enrollment and class standing.
Building Request
Handles requests for and tracks progress of maintenance/repair projects. Provides an online request form for building occupants.
Safety Compliance
Stores information on who has read the building safety compliance documents, the Building Emergency Plan (BEP) and the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), for Cory and Soda Halls. There is an online submission form for building occupants.
ACG Inventory
Stores information on computers, printers, and other network-attached devices managed by ACG.