EECS Department Colloquium Series

This colloquium is dedicated to hosting presentations at the intersection of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The colloquium consists of a mix of short faculty presentations presenting their latest research results, with presentations of internationally distinguished speakers who are brought to campus to interact with our department's community.

Starting Fall 2016, we have a new Colloquium page.

Spring 2016

January 20

Getting More Women into Tech Careers and Why It MattersMaria Klawe video

Maria Klawe
President, Harvey Mudd College

January 27

Transforming Nanodevices into Nanosystems: The N3XT 1,000X Subhasish Mitra video

Subhasish Mitra
Professor, EECS Stanford University

February 3

DeepDive: A Dark Data System Chris Re video

Chris Ré
Professor, InfoLab, Department of Computer Science, Stanford University

February 10

Learning Structured, Robust, and Multimodal Deep Models Ruslan Salakhudinov video

Ruslan Salakhutdinov
Professor, Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Toronto. (In Spring 2016 he will be will be moving to the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University.)

February 17

Sum-Product Networks: Deep Models with Tractable Inference Pedro Domingos video

Pedro Domingos
Professor, Computer Science, University of

May 4

Apple, the FBI, and Compelled Government Access to Consumer Devices and Data Pedro Domingos video

John Villasenor
Professor, Electrical Engineering, Public Policy, and Management, UCLA

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