Catalog Description: Hardware description languages for digital system design and interactions with tool flows. Design, implementation, and verification of digital designs. Digital synthesis, partitioning, placement, routing, and simulation for Field-Programmable Gate Arrays. Large digital-system design concepts. Project design component – example, a full processor implementation with peripherals.

Units: 2

Student Learning Outcomes: This course is a one-time offering to supplement the EE141 course offered in the Fall 2014, with a lab and project section that cover the design of larger digital systems on a programmable chip platform (FPGA). The EE141 lectures in the Fall 2014 already covered the necessary lecture material, so students who took the EE141 lab in the Fall of 2014 will have a chance to expand their skills into the area of FPGA Digital System Design. Hence the pre-requisite for this course is that a student has taken the EE141 course in the Fall 2014.

Prerequisites: COMPSCI 61C; EL ENG 105 recommended.

Credit Restrictions: Students will receive no credit for Computer Science 146L after taking Fall 2014 version of Computer Science 150.

Spring: 3.0 hours of laboratory and 1.0 hours of discussion per week

Grading basis: passFail

Final exam status: No final exam

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