Catalog Description: Open-ended design project enhancing or creating software for real customers in an agile team setting. Teamwork coordination, effective customer meetings, pre- and post-iteration team meetings, running scrums and standups, technical communication. Contributing as a team to an open-source project; tools and workflows associated with open source collaboration, including fork-and-pull, rebase, upstream merge, continuous deployment & integration.

Units: 4

Course Objectives: Students will work in a team to develop new software or enhance existing software for a customer with a real business need.

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will learn to run a small team including rotation of team roles such as product owner, scrum master, and so on; , Students will learn how to coordinate teamwork on developing, testing, and deploying features; and in most cases, how to approach a legacy codebase and add features to it., Students will learn how to conduct effective meetings with nontechnical customers and work with their feedback;

Prerequisites: COMPSCI 169A or COMPSCI W169A

Credit Restrictions: Students will receive no credit for COMPSCI 169L after completing COMPSCI 169.

Summer: 6.0 hours of discussion and 16.0 hours of fieldwork per week
Spring: 3.0 hours of discussion and 8.0 hours of fieldwork per week
Fall: 3.0 hours of discussion and 8.0 hours of fieldwork per week

Grading basis: letter

Final exam status: Alternative method of final assessment

Class Schedule (Spring 2024):
CS 169L – MoFr 10:30-11:59, Soda 405 – Armando Fox, Michael Ball
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