Catalog Description: Computer Science 36 is a seminar for CS Scholars who are concurrently taking CS61A: The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. CS Scholars is a cohort-model program to provide support in exploring and potentially declaring a CS major for students with little to no computational background prior to coming to the university. CS 36 provides an introduction to the CS curriculum at UC Berkeley, and the overall CS landscape in both industry and academia—through the lens of accessibility and its relevance to diversity. Additionally, CS36 provides technical instruction to review concepts in CS61A, in order to support CS Scholars’ individual learning and success in the CS61A course.

Units: 2

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will know where to find several support services including tutoring, advising, counseling, and career advice. , Students will perform as well as possible in the CS61A prerequisite for the CS major. They will also have customized program plans for completing the major within four years.

Prerequisites: Prerequisite satisfied Concurrently: Participating in the CS Scholars program, and concurrently taking COMPSCI 61A.

Spring: 2.0 hours of seminar per week
Fall: 2.0 hours of seminar per week

Grading basis: passFail

Final exam status: Alternative method of final assessment

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