CS 9F. C++ for Programmers

Catalog Description: Self-paced introduction to the constructs provided in the C++ programming language for procedural and object-oriented programming, aimed at students who already know how to program.

Units: 2.0

Prerequisites: Programming experience equivalent to that gained in COMPSCI 61A or ENGIN 7.

Credit Restrictions: Students will receive no credit for COMPSCI 9F after completing COMPSCI 61A.

Fall: 2 hours of self-paced per week
Spring: 2 hours of self-paced per week

Grading basis: passFail

Final exam status: Written final exam conducted during the scheduled final exam period

Class homepage on inst.eecs

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Department Notes:

Course objectives: Students will learn constructs of the C++ programming language sufficient to implement an object-oriented design. In the process of learning the language, they will be applying knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering. As many of their projects require a fair bit of software engineering, they will also be making design decisions (algorithm, data structure, time-vs-space, etc) and considering various implementation trade-offs.

Topics covered:

  • Fundamentals: Types and Variables; input/output; flow of control; functions, value parameters, and reference parameters; classes, member functions, public and private data, use of interface and implementation files; scope; function overloading.
  • Arrays, Strings, and I/O Streams: Indexing; multidimensional arrays; interaction of constructors for container/containee classes; straightforward use of files and string streams.
  • Linked Structures: Pointers; new and delete; building and using linked lists and trees; use of iterators; the "this" pointer; copy constructors; destructors; memory allocation and deallocation.
  • Class Design: Function and class templates; operator overloading; derived classes; virtual functions; friends.