EE 197. Field Study

Catalog Description: Students take part in organized individual field sponsored programs with off-campus companies or tutoring/mentoring relevant to specific aspects and applications of computer science on or off campus. Note Summer CPT or OPT students: written report required. Course does not count toward major requirements, but will be counted in the cumulative units toward graduation.

Units: 1-4

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor (see department adviser).

Summer: 2-7.5 hours of fieldwork per week
Spring: 1-4 hours of fieldwork per week
Fall: 1-4 hours of fieldwork per week
Summer: 2.5-10 hours of fieldwork per week

Grading basis: passFail

Final exam status: No final exam

Class Schedule (Fall 2023):
EE 197-13 –Ana Arias, Miki Lustig
EE 197-14 –Avideh Zakhor
EE 197-15 –Chunlei Liu
EE 197-16 –Babak Ayazifar

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