EE 206B. Robotic Manipulation and Interaction

Catalog Description: This course is a sequel to EECS 125/225, which covers kinematics, dynamics and control of a single robot. This course will cover dynamics and control of groups of robotic manipulators coordinating with each other and interacting with the environment. Concepts will include an introduction to grasping and the constrained manipulation, contacts and force control for interaction with the environment. We will also cover active perception guided manipulation, as well as the manipulation of non-rigid objects. Throughout, we will emphasize design and human-robot interactions, and applications to applications in manufacturing, service robotics, tele-surgery, and locomotion.

Units: 4

Course Objectives: To teach students the connection between the geometry, physics of manipulators with experimental setups that include sensors, control of large degrees of freedom manipulators, mobile robots and different grippers.

Student Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course students will be able to build a complete system composed of perceptual planning and autonomously controlled manipulators and /or mobile systems, justified by predictive theoretical models of performance.

Prerequisites: EL ENG 206A / BIO ENG C125; or consent of the instructor.

Fall: 3.0 hours of lecture, 1.0 hours of discussion, and 3.0 hours of laboratory per week
Spring: 3.0 hours of lecture, 1.0 hours of discussion, and 3.0 hours of laboratory per week

Grading basis: letter

Final exam status: No final exam

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