Catalog Description: Overview of electronic properties of semiconductors. Metal-semiconductor contacts, pn junctions, bipolar transistors, and MOS field-effect transistors. Properties that are significant to device operation for integrated circuits. Silicon device fabrication technology.

Units: 4

Prerequisites: EECS 16A AND EECS 16B.

Credit Restrictions: Students will receive no credit for EL ENG 230A after completing EL ENG 130, EL ENG 230M, or EL ENG W230A. A deficient grade in EL ENG 230A may be removed by taking EL ENG W230A.

Spring: 3.0 hours of lecture and 1.0 hours of discussion per week
Fall: 3.0 hours of lecture and 1.0 hours of discussion per week

Grading basis: letter

Final exam status: Written final exam conducted during the scheduled final exam period

Class Schedule (Fall 2024):
EE 130/230A – TuTh 15:30-16:59, Social Sciences Building 60 – Ali Javey

Class homepage on inst.eecs

Department Notes:

Course objectives: This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the electronic properties of semiconductors, technology, the theories and practices of the most important electronic devices, and their impacts on the performance of integrated circuits. Lectures and homework exercises and design project emphasize the ability to formulate problems, problem solving skills and make device design tradeoffs.

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