Alexandra von Meier

Adjunct Professor


Alexandra “Sascha” von Meier is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley, where she teaches a course on Electric Power Systems. She is also Director in CIEE’s Electric Grid program area, focuses on power distribution systems, Smart Grid issues, and the integration of distributed and intermittent generation. Her current research projects center on the use of high-precision micro-synchrophasor measurements for situational awareness, diagnostics and control applications in distribution grids.


  • 1995, PhD, Energy and Resources, UC Berkeley
  • 1990, MA, Energy and Resources, UC Berkeley
  • 1986, BA, Physics, UC Berkeley

Selected Publications

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  • D. Arnold, M. Sankur, R. Dobbe, K. Brady, D. Callaway, and A. von Meier, "Optimal Dispatch of Reactive Power for Voltage Regulation and Balancing in Unbalanced Distribution Systems," in IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, 2016.
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  • G. Cavraro, R. Arghandeh, K. Poolla, and A. von Meier, "Data-driven approach for distribution network topology detection," in 2015 IEEE Power Energy Society General Meeting, 2015, pp. 1--5.
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  • A. von Meier, "Challenges to the Integration of Renewable Resources at High System Penetration," California Energy Commission, May 2014.
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