Graduate Student Homepages

The students' general research areas are given. For more detailed information, see the individual student's homepage.

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Pulkit Agrawal Artificial Intelligence
Samaneh Azadi Artificial Intelligence


Somil Bansal Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics
David Biancolin Computer Architecture & Engineering
Ross Boczar Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics


Zhe Cao Artificial Intelligence
Margaret Chapman Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics
Kaifei Chen Operating Systems & Networking
Weikeng Chen Security
Yubei Chen Signal Processing
JD Co-Reyes Artificial Intelligence


Ankur Dave Operating Systems & Networking
Ankush Desai Design, Modeling, and Analysis
Christine Dierk Human-Computer Interaction
Grace Dinh Scientific Computing
Raaz Dwivedi Signal Processing


Sayna Ebrahimi Artificial Intelligence


Sina Faraji Alamouti Integrated Circuits
Chelsea Finn Artificial Intelligence


Arun Ganesh Theory
Adam Gleave Artificial Intelligence
Erin Grant Artificial Intelligence
Archit Gupta Design, Modeling, and Analysis
Saurabh Gupta Artificial Intelligence


Laura Hallock Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics
Kevin Han Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems
Sang Min Han Communications
Sangjin Han Operating Systems & Networking
Grant Ho Security
Ronghang Hu Artificial Intelligence


Antonio Iannopollo Design of Electronic Systems


Peter Jin Computer Architecture & Engineering
Noah Johnson-Walls Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics


Sagar Karandikar Computer Architecture & Engineering
Yasser Khan Physical Electronics
Anurag Khandelwal Operating Systems & Networking
Eric Kim Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics
Sam Kumar Operating Systems & Networking
NaiChung Kuo Integrated Circuits
Weicheng Kuo Artificial Intelligence


Chang Lan Operating Systems & Networking
Alex Lee Artificial Intelligence
Frank Li Security
Richard Liou Energy
Benyuanyi Liu Integrated Circuits
Marten Lohstroh Design, Modeling, and Analysis
Jodi Loo Physical Electronics


Pasin Manurangsi Theory
Joao Menezes Carreira Operating Systems & Networking
John Miller Artificial Intelligence
Mitar Milutinovic Security
Radhika Mittal Operating Systems & Networking
Sajjad Moazeni Integrated Circuits
Ali Moin Design, Modeling, and Analysis
Kristina Monakhova Signal Processing
Nitesh Mor Security


Anusha Nagabandi Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics
Ashvin Nair Artificial Intelligence
Hossein Najafiaghdam Integrated Circuits
Vasuki Narasimha Swamy Communications
Geoff Negiar Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics
Chinmay Nirkhe Theory
Robert Nishihara Artificial Intelligence


Frank Ong Signal Processing


Aldo Pacchiano Artificial Intelligence
Anand Padmanabha Iyer Operating Systems & Networking
Ashwin Pananjady Martin Communications
Deepak Pathak Artificial Intelligence
Amy Pavel Human-Computer Interaction
Paul Pearce Operating Systems & Networking
Mindy Perkins Signal Processing
Soham Phade Communications
Rishabh Poddar Operating Systems & Networking
Vitchyr Pong Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics
Jason Poon Energy
Qifan Pu Operating Systems & Networking



Alex Reinking Programming Systems
Becca Roelofs Scientific Computing


Aaron Schild Theory
Max Simchowitz Artificial Intelligence
Jeongseok Son Operating Systems & Networking
Pratul Srinivasan Signal Processing
Katherine Stasaski Education
Hang Su Signal Processing
Nick Sutardja Integrated Circuits


Ava Tan Physical Electronics
Cesar Torres Human-Computer Interaction
Shubham Tulsiani Artificial Intelligence



Pat Virtue Signal Processing


Dequan Wang Artificial Intelligence
Jeremy Warner Human-Computer Interaction



Elizabeth Yang Theory
Fanny Yang Signal Processing
Christopher Yarp Computer Architecture & Engineering
Hezheng Yin Education
Yang You Scientific Computing


Tom Zajdel Biosystems & Computational Biology
Ben Zhang Design of Electronic Systems
Cecilia Zhang Graphics
Marvin Zhang Artificial Intelligence
Wenting Zheng Operating Systems & Networking
Tinghui Zhou Artificial Intelligence

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