Electromagnetic Propagation Characteristics of Space Arrays of Aperture-in-Metal Discontinuities and Complementary Structures
Jack Munushian [advisor: Lester E. Reukema]

Electromagnetic Transmission Characteristics of a Lattice of Infinitely Long Cylinders
Zohrab A. Kaprielian [advisor: Lester E. Reukema]

Half-Wave Slots in Multi-Mode Waveguides
Wolfgang H. Kummer [advisor: Samuel Silver]

Magnetic Recording of Binary Information
Albert S. Hoagland [advisor: Paul L. Morton]

Modulation and Demodulation of an Electron Stream by Backward-Wave Interaction
Malcolm R. Currie [advisor: John R. Whinnery]

Radiation Pattern Synthesis with Annular Apertures
Robert W. Bickmore [advisor: Samuel Silver]

Scattering by a Slot Radiator in a Multimode Waveguide
Gedaliahu Held [advisor: Samuel Silver]

Space Charge Waves in a Finite Magnetic Field
Salim S. Solomon [advisor: Lester E. Reukema]