A Study of Space-Charge Wave Propagation in Periodic Electron Beams
Armand Staprans [advisor: John R. Whinnery]

Analysis and Experimental Study of a Microwave Re-Entrant Beam Tube
Glenn A. Gray [advisor: John R. Whinnery]

Ferromagnetic Core Functions in the Analysis and Design of Self-Saturating Magnetic Amplifiers
David Nitzen [advisor: Henry C. Bourne, Jr.]

Investigation of Micro-Programming as a Technique in the Control of Digital Computing Systems
Gordon E. Morrison [advisor: Harry D. Huskey]

Maser Action Using "Adiabatic Fast Passage" Excitation of F Centers in Magnesium-Oxide
Amnon Yariv [advisor: Jerome R. Singer]

Precision Measurement of Scattering from Figures of Revolution
Andrejs Olte [advisor: Samuel Silver]

The Analysis and Compensation of Nonlinear Sampled-Data Feedback Systems
Francis J. Mullin [advisor: Eliahu I. Jury]

Theoretical Aspects of Minimal-Scan Pattern-Recognition
Arthur Gill [advisor: Aram Thomasian]