A Completeness Theorem and a Computer Program for Finding Theorems Derivable from Given Axioms
Char-Tung Lee [advisor: Eugene Wong and James R. Slagle]

Abstract Systems with the Decomposition Property
Keith L. Doty [advisor: Lotfi A. Zadeh and Howard Frank]

An Investigation of the Effects of Electron Irradiation on the Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor System
Noel C. MacDonald [advisor: Thomas E. Everhart]

Computational Properties of a Nerve and Nerve Net Model
Charles J. Swigert [advisor: Paul O. Vogelhut]

Computer Representation, Generation, and Manipulation of Graphical Information
Gary D. Hornbuckle [advisor: Paul L. Morton]

Computer Source Language Optimizing Utilizing a Visual Display
Ralph E. Love, Jr. [advisor: Robert Evans]

Constant-Resistance Networks with Nonlinear and Time-Varying Elements
Kenneth K.-H. Wong [advisor: Charles A. Desoer]

Frequency Multiplication and Division in Integrated Circuits
William G. Howard, Jr. [advisor: Donald O. Pederson]

Fuzzy Sets and Pattern Recognition
Chin-Liang Chang [advisor: Lotfi A. Zadeh]

Generalizations of Pushdown Automata
Oscar H. Ibarra [advisor: Michael A. Harrison]

Identification Problem and Random Contraction Mappings
Kandarp Oza [advisor: Eliahu I. Jury]

Input-Output Stability of Continuous and Discrete Time Nonlinear Control Systems
Ralph P. Iwens [advisor: Arthur R. Bergen]

Instabilities in the Magnetization Vector in Y.I.G. at High Microwave Power Levels
George E. Bodway [advisor: Shyh Wang]

Intercommunication of Digital Computer Processors and Memories
Melvin W. Pirtle [advisor: Paul L. Morton]

Model Reference Adaptive Control Theory with Applications to Manual Control Systems
Charles R. Wasaff [advisor: Eliahu I. Jury]

Networks Contain Periodic Switches: A Unified Approach and Applications
Yuh Sun [advisor: Ivan T. Frisch]

Optimization Techniques Applied to PPM Signal Design
Robert J. McAulay [advisor: David J. Sakrison]

Radiation Anomalies on the Lunar Surface
David Buhl [advisor: William J. Welch]

Scheduling and Protection in an Interactive Multi-Processor System
Butler W. Lampson [advisor: Harry D. Huskey]

Sensitivity Analysis and Optimum Synthesis of Transfer Functions
Ranendra N. Biswas [advisor: Ernest S. Kuh]

Shot Noise in Space-Charge-Limited Crossed-Field Electron Guns
Raymond Y.-C. Ho [advisor: Theodore Van Duzer]

Spin Wave Interaction with Sound and Light Waves
Gary L. Thomas [advisor: Shyh Wang]

Stability of Nonlinear and Time-Varying Control Systems
Richard A. Baker [advisor: Arthur R. Bergen]

Studies in Pursuit-Evasion Differential Games
Noboru Sugino [advisor: Eugene Wong]

System Representations
Dennis J. Eggert [advisor: Pravin P. Varaiya]

Time-Varying Linear Sequential Machines
Donald R. Deuel [advisor: Michael A. Harrison]

Transmission-Line Model of the Planar Equiangular Spiral Antenna
Darko Kajfez [advisor: Diogenes J. Angelakos]