Analysis of Nonlinear Networks
Michael C. Goldstein [advisor: Howard Frank]

Automated Network Design Principles and Techniques
Stephen W. Director [advisor: Ronald A. Rohrer]

Combinatorial Methods for Mullticommodity Flow Problems
Bill Rothfarb [advisor: Ernest S. Kuh and Ivan T. Frisch]

Computation and Bounding of Rate-Distortion Functions for Certain Message Sources and Distortion Criteria
Barin G. Haskell [advisor: David J. Sakrison]

Decomposition of Linear Automata
Hervé J. P. Gallaire [advisor: Michael A. Harrison]

Diffraction of Light by Acoustic Surface Waves
Erich P. Ippen [advisor: John R. Whinnery]

Dynamic Communication Networks
Mohamed T. El-Bardai [advisor: Howard Frank]

Electrical Properties of Very Thin Cesium Layers on Insulators
Theodore I. Kamins [advisor: Richard S. Muller]

Electromagnetic and Space-Charge Wave in Active Bulk Semiconductor
Mark A. Meyer [advisor: Theodore Van Duzer]

Excitation, Detection, and Dispersion of Surface Elastic Waves in Piezoelectric Crystals
Shrinivas G. Joshi [advisor: Richard M. White]

Investigation of Insect Electromagnetic Communication with Special Reference to Heliothis zea (Boddie)
Paul H. Griffith [advisor: Charles Susskind]

Investigation of Two-Photon Absorption Processes for Laser Action in Zinc Sulfide
Cheng-Cheng Chang [advisor: Shyh Wang]

Linear Antennas in Gyrotropic Media
Ho-Shou Lu [advisor: Kenneth K. Mei]

Mode Switching for Applications to Transmission of Information
Gay W. Hong [advisor: John R. Whinnery]

On Second-Order Necessary Conditions for Constrained Minima
Edwin J. Messerli [advisor: Elijah Polak]

On Stochastic Differential Equations Arising in State Estimation Problems
Frank P. Romeo, Jr. [advisor: Eugene Wong]

Output Optimization Problems in Sequential Machines
Irving L. Traiger [advisor: Arthur Gill]

Pattern Classification Using Sequential Machine Theory
Alan W. Biermann [advisor: Arthur Gill]

Pumping of Helium-Neon Laser Lines with a Microwave Discharge
William M. Clark, Jr. [advisor: John R. Whinnery]

Semiconductor Devices and Amplifiers at Cryogenic Temperatures
Emanuel Elad [advisor: Graham A. Rigby]

Stability of Nonlinear Feedback Systems
Min-Yen Wu [advisor: Charles A. Desoer]

Temperature Sensitivity of Integrated Oscillators
Richard F. Adams [advisor: Donald O. Pederson]

The Epsilon-Capacity of Classes of Unknown Channels
Leonard J. Forys [advisor: Pravin P. Varaiya]

The Estimation of Modes and Its Application to Pattern Classification
Michael W. Blasgen [advisor: Eugene Wong]

The Fraction of Good Parity-Check Matrices among Those Having Good Partial Weight Distributions
Jack H. Kurzweil [advisor: Aram Thomasian]

Theory of Zigzag Antennas
Sing H. Lee [advisor: Kenneth K. Mei]

Vulnerability of Communication Nets
Wushow Chou [advisor: Howard Frank]