A Language for Automated Logic Design
Mehmet B. Baray [advisor: Yueh-Hsung Su]

Abstract Models for the Synthesis of Optimization Algorithms
Gerard G. L. Meyer [advisor: Elijah Polak]

Analysis and Computation of Multivalued Resistive Networks
Ibrahim N. Hajj [advisor: Ernest S. Kuh]

Capacitance, Resistance, and Inductance Minimization in RLC Networks
J. Dennis Hagopian [advisor: Ivan T. Frisch]

Channel Conveersion in Finite State Machines
Gordon W. Keller [advisor: Arthur Gill]

Closures of Parallel Program Schemata
Robert M. Keller [advisor: Richard M. Karp]

Communication over Fading Dispersive Channels with Feedback
Frederick E. Glave [advisor: George L. Turin]

Drift Compensation in Integrated Emitter-Coupled Circuits
Gary L. Baldwin [advisor: Donald O. Pederson]

Effects of Low Energy Electron Bombardment on Free Carriers at Silicon and Germanium Surfaces
James R. Fiebiger [advisor: Richard S. Muller]

Electrical Properties of Tellurium Thin Films
Robert W. Dutton [advisor: Richard S. Muller]

Electrostatic Oscillatiions of an Inhomogeneous Plasma
Nathan E. Lindgren [advisor: Charles K. Birdsall]

Fault Location and Graceful Degradation of Memory Systems
Chakravarthi V. Ravi [advisor: Martin H. Graham]

GaAs Electroluminescent Diodes
Ali Bahraman [advisor: William G. Oldham]

Justification of the Describing Function Method
Richard L. Franks [advisor: Arthur R. Bergen]

Lifetime Degradation in Neutron-Irradiated Silicon
Hirohisa Kawamoto [advisor: William G. Oldham]

Linear Pursuit-Evasion Games
Wladimir Borgest [advisor: Pravin P. Varaiya]

L-Infinity Stability of Nonlinear Systems and Its Applications to Hysteresis
Lionel P. E. F. Lecoq [advisor: Arthur M. Hopkin]

Magnetostatic Modes and the Magnetostrictive Generation of Surface Elastic Waves
Frederic W. Voltmer [advisor: Richard M. White]

Minimization of Power System Transients by Generator Excitation Control
Richard K. Oswald, Jr. [advisor: Otto J. M. Smith]

Network Flow Approach to Load Flow Study
Shyam D. Chaubey [advisor: Ivan T. Frisch]

NMR Blood Flow Measurements
Oliver C. Morse III [advisor: Jerome R. Singer]

Numerical Integral-Equation Analysis of Scattering from Diffraction Gratings
Hassan A. Kalhor [advisor: Andrew R. Neureuther]

Optimization of Nonlinear Characteristics
Mehmet K. Inan [advisor: Charles A. Desoer]

Optimization on Directed Graphs
Manuchehr Malek-Zavarei [advisor: Ivan T. Frisch]

Point Cathode Electron Sources
John C. Wiesner [advisor: Thomas E. Everhart]

Processing and Stereophonic Presentation of Physiological and Other Signals
Stephan B. Fine [advisor: Charles Susskind]

Rate of Convergence and Optimality Properties of Root Finding and Optimization Algorithms
Arthur I. Cohen [advisor: Pravin P. Varaiya]

Rudimentary Relations and Formal Languages
Ytha Y.-Y. Yu [advisor: Leonard Haines]

Semiconductor Surface Properties in the System: Silicon-Silicon Dioxide-Aluminum Oxide
William M. Gosney, Jr. [advisor: Richard S. Muller]

Sensitivity Study of Control Systems
Linn Zien [advisor: Eliahu I. Jury]

Some Results on Feedback Communication
Tah-Tschen Fang [advisor: George L. Turin]

Stability Analysis of Power Systems
Carlos J. Tavora [advisor: Otto J. M. Smith]

Studies in System Theory: Invertibility, Reproducibility, Decoupling, and Sensitivity of Dynamical Systems
Hikmat A. Abed [advisor: Ernest S. Kuh]

The Design Optimization of Integrated Broadband Amplifiers
Bruce A. Wooley [advisor: Donald O. Pederson]

The Study of Some Almost Linear Feedback Systems and Some Pulse Modulated Feedback Control Systems
Edwin P. F. Kan [advisor: Eliahu I. Jury]

Theory and Experiments for a Plasma Model Using Finite-Size Particles
Hideo Okuda [advisor: Charles K. Birdsall]

Theory of Linear Sequential Circuits over Rings
Mario M. Matluk [advisor: Arthur Gill]

Time Domain Analysis and Optimization of Nonlinear Networks by Digital Computer
Paul M. Russo [advisor: Butler W. Lampson]

Time-Varying Automata
Sergio R. P. Teixeira [advisor: Arthur Gill]

Two Models of the Brain, with Applications to Artificial Intelligence
David Noton [advisor: Lawrence W. Stark]