A Systematic Approach to the Development and Validation of Software for Critical Applications
Siu-Bun Franklin Ho [advisor: C. V. Ramamoorthy]

A Systematic Design and Analysis of Reconfigurable Distributed Computer Systems
Tanuku Krishnarao [advisor: C. V. Ramamoorthy]

Analysis of Multi-Channel ALOHA Systems
Wing-Po Yung [advisor: George L. Turin]

Applications of Automata Theory to the Design of Intelligent Machines
William J. Sakoda [advisor: Manuel Blum]

Axial Feedback Stabilization of the Flute Instability in Mirror Plasmas
Sik-Lam Wong [advisor: Shyh Wang]

Characteristics of Metal-Oxide-Metal Devices
Mordehai Heiblum [advisor: T. Kenneth Gustafson and John R. Whinnery]

Contributions to Feedback Theory for Nonlinear Systems: Feedback Fundamentals and the Servomechanism Problem
Yung-Terng Wang [advisor: Charles A. Desoer]

Evaluation of a Real-Time Distributed Processing System
Ram A. Banin [advisor: Martin H. Graham]

Foundations of Nonlinear Network Theory
John L. Wyatt, Jr. [advisor: Leon O. Chua]

Gallium-Arsenide Double-Heterostructure Injection Lasers with Lateral Optical and Current Confinement
Luis Figueroa [advisor: Shyh Wang]

General Context-Free Language Recognition
Walter L. Ruzzo [advisor: Michael A. Harrison]

General Stability Criteria for Multi-Input Multi-Output Multidimensional Digital Systems
Ana F. P. de C. Humes [advisor: Eliahu I. Jury]

High Performance Piezoelectric Field-Effect Transducers and Their Applications
Sze-Hon Kwan [advisor: Richard M. White]

High Speed Analog-to-Digital Conversion in Integrated Circuits
Stewart S. Taylor [advisor: Paul R. Gray]

High-Order Continuous-Time Monolithic Analog Filters
Khen-Sang Tan [advisor: Paul R. Gray]

I. On Shortest Program for Finite Strings. II. A New Solution of the Critical Section Problem
Howard P. Katseff [advisor: Manuel Blum]

Iteration Theorems for the LL(K) Languages
John C. Beatty [advisor: Michael A. Harrison]

Mode Excitation and Radiation in Optical Fibers
John P. Uyemura [advisor: Diogenes J. Angelakos]

MOS Switched-Capacitor Analog Sampled-Data Recursive Filters
Ian A. Young [advisor: David A. Hodges]

Nonlinear Converters for Pulse-Code-Modulation Systems
Gheorghe Smarandoiu [advisor: David A. Hodges]

On Partitioning a Graph: A Theoretical and Empirical Study
Robert M. MacGregor [advisor: Richard M. Karp]

Picosecond Pulses from Ultrashort-Cavity Dye Lasers
Bunsen Fan [advisor: T. Kenneth Gustafson]

Practical Compiler Implementation on Small Computer Systems
Olivier M. Roubine [advisor: Susan L. Graham]

Query Processing for a Relational Database System
Karel A. A. Youssefi [advisor: Eugene Wong]

Representation and Properties of Plane Curves with Applications for Graphics
Itzhak Gurantz [advisor: David J. Sakrison]

Simulation of Integrated Injection Logic
Graeme R. Boyle [advisor: Donald O. Pederson]

Surface Plasmon Effects in Metal-Barrier-Metal Structures
Daniel P.-W. Siu [advisor: T. Kenneth Gustafson]

The File Store: A Distributed Modular File Handling System
Brian J. Phillips [advisor: Paul L. Morton]

The Simulation of Large Scale Integrated Circuits
Arthur R. Newton [advisor: Donald O. Pederson]

The Stability and Design of Two-Dimensional Recursive Filters
Dennis M. Goodman [advisor: Eliahu I. Jury]

Topological Design of a Complex Printed Circuit
Antoine H. El Kareh [advisor: Domenico Ferrari]

Velocity of Surface Carriers in Inversion Layers on Silicon
Richard W. Coen [advisor: Richard S. Muller]

V-Groove Multijunction Solar Cells
Terry I. Chappell [advisor: Richard M. White]