A High-Fidelity Energy Monitoring and Feedback Architecture for Reducing Electrical Consumption in Buildings
Xiaofan Fred Jiang [advisor: David E. Culler and Scott Shenker]

A Minimum Spanning Tree Framework for Inferring Phylogenies
Daniel Giannico Adkins [advisor: Satish Rao]

A Scalable and Cost Effective Architecture for High Gain Beamforming Antennas
Omar Bakr [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

Achieving Flexibility and Performance for Packet Forwarding and Data Center Management
Daekyeong Moon [advisor: Scott Shenker]

Actions can speak more clearly than words
Pulkit Grover [advisor: Anant Sahai]

Advanced Source/Drain and Contact Design for Nanoscale CMOS
Reinaldo Vega [advisor: Tsu-Jae King Liu]

An Architecture for Structured, Concurrent, Real-Time Action
Leon Rubin Barrett [advisor: Jerome A. Feldman]

An Investigation into the Realities of a Quantum Datapath
Nemanja Isailovic [advisor: John D. Kubiatowicz]

Architecture and Hardware Design of Lossless Compression Algorithms for Direct-Write Maskless Lithography Systems
Hsin-I Liu [advisor: Avideh Zakhor]

Automating Datacenter Operations Using Machine Learning
Peter Bodik [advisor: David A. Patterson, Michael Jordan and Armando Fox]

Axioms for Asynchronous Processes
Eleftherios Matsikoudis [advisor: Edward A. Lee]

Behavior of Machine Learning Algorithms in Adversarial Environments
Blaine Nelson [advisor: Anthony D. Joseph]

Checking the Data Sharing Strategies of Concurrent Systems Level Code
Zachary Ryan Anderson [advisor: Eric Brewer]

Communication and Control for Quantum Circuits
Yatish Patel [advisor: John D. Kubiatowicz]

Communication-avoiding Krylov subspace methods
Mark Frederick Hoemmen [advisor: James Demmel]

Computational Methods for Meiotic Recombination Inference
Junming Yin [advisor: Michael Jordan and Yun S. Song]

Convex formulations of inverse modeling problems on systems modeled by Hamilton-Jacobi equations: applications to traffic flow engineering
Christian Claudel [advisor: Claire Tomlin and Alexandre Bayen]

Cortical Microstimulation for Neural Prostheses
Subramaniam Venkatraman [advisor: Kristofer Pister and Jose M. Carmena]

Design and Measurement of Parameter-Specific Ring Oscillators
Lynn Tao-Ning Wang [advisor: Andrew R. Neureuther]

Design of Network Architectures: Role of Game Theory and Economics
Nikhil Gopinath Shetty [advisor: Jean Walrand]

Design Techniques for High-Frequency CMOS Integrated Circuits: From 10 GHz To 100 GHz
Zhiming Deng [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

Efficient Transmitters for Wireless Communications in Nanoscale CMOS Technology
Debopriyo Chowdhury [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

Enabling More Meaningful Post-Election Investigations
Arel Lee Cordero [advisor: David Wagner]

Fast Image Filters for Depth of Field Post-Processing
Todd Jerome Kosloff [advisor: Brian A. Barsky]

Finding Lost Children
Ashley Michelle Eden [advisor: Jitendra Malik and Trevor Darrell]

Fully Integrated Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) Bio-Assay Platform
Octavian Florescu [advisor: Bernhard Boser]

Games with Non-Probabilistic Uncertainty
Ji Woong Lee [advisor: Jean Walrand]

Intrinsic and Systematic Variability in Nanometer CMOS Technologies
Kedar Patel [advisor: Costas J. Spanos]

Limitations of Linear and Semidefinite Programs
Grant Robert Schoenebeck [advisor: Luca Trevisan]

Low Power Band to Band Tunnel Transistors
Anupama Bowonder [advisor: Chenming Hu]

Making Static Pivoting Scalable and Dependable
Jason Riedy [advisor: James Demmel]

Markov Chain Monte Carlo Stimulus Generation for Constrained Random Simulation
Nathan Boyd Kitchen [advisor: Andreas Kuehlmann]

Mask Edge Effects in Optical Lithography and Chip Level Modeling Methods
Marshal Miller [advisor: Andrew R. Neureuther]

Millimeter-Wave Circuits for 60GHz and Beyond
Bagher Afshar [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

mm-Wave Phase Shifters and Switches
Ehsan Adabi Firouzjaei [advisor: Ali Niknejad]

Mobile Persuasive Technologies for Rural Health
Divya Lalitha Ramachandran [advisor: John F. Canny]

Modeling Events in Time Using Cascades Of Poisson Processes
Aleksandr Simma [advisor: Michael Jordan]

Nanoscale Bulk MOSFET Design and Process Technology for Reduced Variability
Xin Sun [advisor: Tsu-Jae King Liu]

Optimizing Irregular Data Accesses for Cluster and Multicore Architectures
Jimmy Zhigang Su [advisor: Katherine A. Yelick]

Oxygen Concentration Microgradients for Cell Culture
Jaehyun Park [advisor: Michel Maharbiz]

Pattern Matching for Advanced Lithographic Technologies
Juliet Alison Rubinstein [advisor: Andrew R. Neureuther]

Pattern-Oriented Application Frameworks for Domain Experts to Effectively Utilize Highly Parallel Manycore Microprocessors
Jike Chong [advisor: Kurt Keutzer]

Perceptual and Context Aware Interfaces on Mobile Devices
Jingtao Wang [advisor: John F. Canny]

Phrase Alignment Models for Statistical Machine Translation
John Sturdy DeNero [advisor: Daniel Klein]

Practical Shape Analysis
Bill McCloskey [advisor: Eric Brewer]

Probabilistic Models of Evolution and Language Change
Alexandre Bouchard-Cote [advisor: Michael Jordan and Daniel Klein]

Pseudorandomness against Depth-2 Circuits and Analysis of Goldreich's Candidate One-Way Function
Seyed Omid Etesami [advisor: Luca Trevisan]

Results and Techniques in Multiuser Information Theory
Amin Aminzadeh Gohari [advisor: Venkat Anantharam]

Robust Communication in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Mark Johnson [advisor: Kannan Ramchandran]

Secure Learning and Learning for Security: Research in the Intersection
Benjamin I. P. Rubinstein [advisor: Peter Bartlett]

Sense Amplifier-Based Pass Transistor Logic
Louis Poblete Alarcon [advisor: Jan M. Rabaey]

Simulation and Compensation Methods for EUV Lithography Masks with Buried Defects
Chris Heinz Clifford [advisor: Andrew R. Neureuther]

Solution Processed Silver Sulfide Thin Films for Filament Memory Applications
Shong Yin [advisor: Vivek Subramanian]

Statistical models for analyzing human genetic variation
Sriram Sankararaman [advisor: Michael Jordan]

Steep Turn On/Off "Green" Tunnel Transistors
Pratik Ashvin Patel [advisor: Chenming Hu]

Structured Approaches to Data Selection for Speaker Recognition
Howard Hao Lei [advisor: Nelson Morgan]

System Problem Detection by Mining Console Logs
Wei Xu [advisor: David A. Patterson and Armando Fox]

Systems Theory for Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery
Anil Jayanti Aswani [advisor: Claire Tomlin]

Time Domain Interference Cancellation for Cognitive Radios and Future Wireless Systems
Jing Yang [advisor: Robert W. Brodersen]

Towards a societal scale, mobile sensing system
Richard Edward Honicky [advisor: John F. Canny and Eric Brewer]

Unsupervised Models of Entity Reference Resolution
Aria Delier Haghighi [advisor: Daniel Klein]