Faculty Publications - Beresford N. Parlett


  • B. N. Parlett, The Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem, 2nd ed., Classics in Applied Mathematics, Vol. 20, Philadelphia: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), 1998.

Book chapters or sections

  • J. Demmel, J. Dongarra, B. N. Parlett, W. M. Kahan, M. Gu, D. Bindel, Y. Hida, X. Li, O. Marques, E. J. Riedy, C. Vomel, J. Langou, P. Luszczek, J. Kurzak, A. Buttari, J. Langou, and S. Tomov, "Prospectus for the next LAPACK and ScaLAPACK libraries," in Applied Parallel Computing: State of the Art in Scientific Computing. Proc. 8th Intl. Workshop (PARA 2006). Revised Selected Papers, B. Kagstrom, E. Elmroth, J. Dongarra, and J. Wasniewski, Eds., Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 4699, Berlin, Germany: Springer-Verlag, 2007, pp. 11-23.
  • W. M. Kahan and B. N. Parlett, "How far should you go with the Lanczos process?," in Sparse Matrix Computations: Proc. Symp. on Sparse Matrix Computations, J. R. Bunch and D. J. Rose, Eds., New York, NY: Academic Press, 1976, pp. 131-144.

Articles in journals or magazines

Articles in conference proceedings

  • B. N. Parlett and W. M. Kahan, "On the convergence of a practical QR algorithm," in Proc. 4th IFIP Congress 1968, A. J. H. Morrell, Ed., Vol. 1, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: North-Holland Publishing Co., 1968, pp. 114-118.

Technical Reports

Talks or presentations

  • J. Demmel, W. M. Kahan, and B. N. Parlett, "Forsythe, Golub, and the Future of Matrix Computations," presented at Matrix Computations & Scientific Computing Seminar, 380 Soda Hall, March 2007.