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  • D. R. DeBoer, W. J. Welch, J. Dreher, J. Tarter, L. Blitz, M. Davis, M. Fleming, D. Bock, G. Bower, J. Lugten, G. Girmay-Keleta, L. R. D'Addario, G. R. Harp, R. Ackermann, S. Weinreb, G. Engargiiola, D. Thornton, and N. Wadefalk, "The Allen Telescope Array," in Proc. SPIE: Ground Based Telescopes, J. M. Oschmann, Jr., Ed., Vol. 5489, Bellingham, WA: SPIE, 2004, pp. 1021-1028.
  • N. H. Volgenau, L. G. Mundy, L. W. Looney, and W. J. Welch, "Evidence for the turbulent formation of stars," in AIP Conf. Proc.: The Search for Other Worlds. 14th Astrophysics Conf., Vol. 713, Melville, NY: American Institute of Physics, 2004, pp. 59-62.


  • W. J. Welch, "Antenna with reduced interference," U.S. Patent Application. May 2006.
  • G. Engargiola and W. J. Welch, "Log-periodic antenna," U.S. Patent 6,952,189. Oct. 2005.
  • G. Engargiola and W. J. Welch, "Log-periodic antenna," U.S. Patent 6,677,913. Jan. 2004.