Faculty Publications - Felix F. Wu


  • J. H. Chow, F. F. Wu, and J. A. Momoh, Eds., Applied Mathematics for Restructured Electric Power Systems: Optimization, Control, and Computational Intelligence, Springer's Power Electronics and Power Systems Series, New York: Springer, 2005.

Articles in journals or magazines

Articles in conference proceedings

  • T. Cabannes, J. Li, F. F. Wu, H. Dong, and A. Bayen, "Learning optimal traffic routing behaviors using Markovian framework in microscopic simulation," in Transportation Review Board Annual Meeting 2020, 2020.
  • D. Bakken, A. Bose, K. M. Chandy, P. P. Khargonekar, A. Kuh, S. Low, A. von Meier, K. Poolla, P. Varaiya, and F. F. Wu, "GRIP-(GR)ids with (I)ntelligent (P)eriphery: Control architectures for grid 2050," in IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm), 2011, pp. 7--12.

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