Patents - Ahmad Bahai

Method and system for enabling energy efficient wireless connectivity
Ahmad Bahai
U.S. Patent 7,017,127. March 2006

Apparatus and method for processing a deterministic data flow associated with a wireless communication signal
Ahmad Bahai
U.S. Patent 7,016,695. March 2006

Pipelined analog to digital converter that is configurable based on wireless communication protocol
Ahmad Bahai
U.S. Patent 6,980,148. December 2005

Delay spread estimation for multipath fading channels
Ahmad Reza Bahai and Kumud Kumar Sanwal
U.S. Patent 6,522,706. February 2003

Enhanced method for adaptive equalization technique in mobile wireless systems
Ahmad Reza. Bahai and Kumud Kumar Sanwal
U.S. Patent 6,275,525. August 2001

Frequency offset estimation for wireless systems based on channel impulse response
Ahmad R. S. Bahai and Mohsen Sarraf
U.S. Patent 6,097,770. August 2000

Method and apparatus for reducing error in recovering information bits in a wireless system
Ahmad R. Bahai, Mohsen Sarraf and James Paul Seymour
U.S. Patent 6,067,295. May 2000

Wireless telecommunication digital receiver
Kiomars Anvari, Ahmad S. Bahai, Saman Behtash and Peter Winship
U.S. Patent 5,479,453. December 1995