Patents - Jeffrey Bokor

Scalable quantum computer architecture with coupled donor-quantum dot qubits
Thomas Schenkel, Cheuk Chi Lo, Christoph Weis, Stephen Lyon, Alexei Alexei and Jeffrey Bokor
U.S. Patent 8,816,325. August 2014

Concave nanomagnets with widely tunable anisotropy
Brian Lambson, Zheng Gu, David Carlton and Jeffrey Bokor
U.S. Patent 8,766,754. July 2014

Methods for fabrication of positional and compositionally controlled nanostructures on substrate
Ji Zhu, Jeff Grunes, Yang-Kyu Choi, Jeffrey Bokor and Gabor Samorjai
U.S. Patent 8,486,287. July 2013

Nanomagnetic register
David Carlton, Nathan C. Emley and Jeffrey Bokor
U.S. Patent 8,138,874. March 2012

Nanomagnetic signal propagation and logic gates
Jeffrey Bokor, Nathan C. Emley and David Carlton
U.S. Patent 8,134,441. March 2012

System for interferometric distortion measurements that define an optical path
Jeffrey Bokor and Patrick Naulleau
U.S. Patent 6,559,952. May 2003

Method and apparatus for inspecting reflection masks for defects
Jeffrey Bokor and Yun Lin
U.S. Patent 6,555,828. April 2003

Multi-level scanning method for defect inspection
Jeffrey Bokor and Seongtae Jeong
U.S. Patent 6,484,306. November 2002

FinFET transistor structures having a double gate channel extending vertically from a substrate and methods of manufacture
Chenming Hu, Tsu-Jae King, Vivek Subramanian, Leland Chang, Xuejue Huang, Yang-Kyu Choi, Jakub Tadeusz Kedzierski, Nick Lindert, Jeffrey Bokor and Wen-Chin Lee
U.S. Patent 6,413,802. July 2002

High speed photodetector having dual transmission line geometry
Jeffrey Bokor and Anthony M. Johnson
U.S. Patent 4,933,542. June 1990

High speed circuit measurements using photoemission sampling
Jeffrey Bokor, Anthony M. Johnson and Ralph H. Storz
U.S. Patent 4,721,910. January 1988