Patents - Stephen E. Derenzo

Codoped direct-gap semiconductor scintillators
Stephen E. Derenzo, Edith Bourret-Courchesne, Marvin J. Weber and Mattias K. Klintenberg
U.S. Patent 7,048,872. May 2006

Lead carbonate scintillator materials
Stephen E. Derenzo and William W. Moses
U.S. Patent 5,015,861. May 1991

Readout system for multi-crystal gamma cameras
Stephen E. Derenzo
U.S. Patent 4,672,207. June 1987

Clamshell tomograph
Stephen E. Derenzo and Thomas F. Budinger
U.S. Patent 4,473,749. September 1984

Subatomic particle detector with liquid electron multiplication medium
Luis W. Alvarez, Stephen E. Derenzo, Richard A. Muller, Robert G. Smits and Haim Zaklad
U.S. Patent 3,659,105. April 1972