Patents - Robert G. Meyer

ESD Protection Method for Low-Breakdown Integrated Circuits
Robert G. Meyer
U.S. Patent 7,518,846. April 2009

Enhanced LC filter with tunable Q
Robert G. Meyer and Madhu Avasarala
U.S. Patent 6,307,442. October 2001

Wide-dynamic-range variable-gain amplifier
Robert Godfrey Meyer
U.S. Patent 6,049,251. April 2000

Wideband single-ended voltage-to-current converter and gain-control circuit
Robert G. Meyer
U.S. Patent 5,107,224. April 1992

Active bypass for inhibiting high-frequency supply voltage variations in integrated circuits
Robert G. Meyer
U.S. Patent 5,049,764. September 1991

Wideband class AB CRT cathode driver
Robert G. Meyer and Jeffrey D. Scotten
U.S. Patent 4,999,586. March 1991

One-pin crystal oscillator
Joseph T. Santos and Robert G. Meyer
U.S. Patent 4,600,898. July 1986