Patents - William G. Oldham

EUV light source collector erosion mitigation
William N. Partlo, Alexander I. Ershov, Igor V. Fomenkov, David W. Myers and William Oldham
U.S. Patent 7,141,806. November 2006

Double hidden flexure microactuator for phase mirror array
William G. Oldham, Yijian Chen and Yashesh Shroff
U.S. Patent 7,075,699. July 2006

Method and means for reducing speckle in coherent laser pulses
William N. Partlo and William G. Oldham
U.S. Patent 5,233,460. August 1993

Monolithically integrated read-only memory
William G. Oldham
U.S. Patent 4,450,537. May 1984

Monolithically integrated circuit with connectible and/or disconnectible circuit portions
William G. Oldham
U.S. Patent 4,441,036. April 1984

Monolithic static memory cell and method for its operation
William G. Oldham
U.S. Patent 4,396,996. August 1983

Process for forming a low resistance interconnect in MOS n-channel silicon gate integrated circuit
William G. Oldham
U.S. Patent 4,013,489. March 1977