Patents - 1966

Two sided slow wave transmission circuit having a selective mode coupler
Charles E. Enderby and Richard M. White
U.S. Patent 3,292,112. December 1966

Applied sequence identification device
Herbert B. Baskin and Raymond E. Bonner
U.S. Patent 3,273,130. September 1966

Electronic recognition
Jerome R. Singer
U.S. Patent 3,255,437. June 1966

Delay line
Otto J. M. Smith and Richard A. Dye
U.S. Patent 3,241,129. March 1966

Elastic wave responsive apparatus
Richard M. White
U.S. Patent 3,231,779. January 1966

Ladder type slow wave structure having side plates at an angle other than 90°
Charles K. Birdsall, Richard M. White and Richard W. Grow
U.S. Patent 3,227,914. January 1966