Patents - 1970

Deductive light pen tracking system
Herbert B. Baskin and Larry E. Rittenhouse
U.S. Patent 3,551,896. December 1970

Transverse Mode Locking and Beam Scanning in Optical Masers
Ivan P. Kaminow and P. W. Smith
U.S. Patent 3,541,471. November 1970

Field effect transistor memory cell
David A. Hodges
U.S. Patent 3,540,007. November 1970

Linear active two-port network wherein nonlinear impedance characteristic at one port is reflected through predetermined angle at second port
Leon O. Chua
U.S. Patent 3,538,462. November 1970

Optical Raman Oscillator
Ivan P. Kaminow, G.D. Boyd and W.D. Johnston. Jr.
U.S. Patent 3,536,931. October 1970

Power system with transient control and method
Otto J. M. Smith
U.S. Patent 3,529,174. September 1970

Semiconductor memory element and method
Thomas E. Everhart and Noel C. MacDonald
U.S. Patent 3,528,064. September 1970

Method, apparatus and system for the identification of the relationship between two signals
Otto J. M. Smith
U.S. Patent 3,526,761. September 1970

Beam focusing by acoustic waves
John R. Whinnery
U.S. Patent 3,516,731. June 1970

Optical Beam Deflector Using Diverging or Converging Beams
Ivan P. Kaminow
U.S. Patent 3,502,391. March 1970