Patents - 1971

Linear active two-port network for expanding or compressing characteristic curve of two-terminal device
Leon O. Chua
U.S. Patent 3,619,650. November 1971

An improved field-effect viewing storage tube
Euval S. Barrekette and Herbert B. Baskin
U.S. Patent 3,609,441. September 1971

Linear active network device for tranforming one class nonlinear devices into another
Leon O. Chua
U.S. Patent 3,603,903. September 1971

Raman Oscillator Employing Rare Isotope
Wilbur D. Johnston Jr. and Ivan P. Kaminow
U.S. Patent 3,590,266. June 1971

Stress-strain transducer charge coupled to a piezoelectric material
Richard S. Muller and James Conragan
U.S. Patent 3,585,415. June 1971

Schottky barrier diodes as impedance elements
David A. Hodges and Martin P. Lepselter
U.S. Patent 3,585,412. June 1971

Light pen tracking unit with alternative tracking patterns
Herbert B. Baskin and Robert H. Riekert
U.S. Patent 3,576,574. April 1971