Patents - 1972

Tableau network design system
Robert K. Brayton, Fred G. Gustavson and Gary D. Aachtel
U.S. Patent 3,705,409. December 1972

Method for Increasing Index of Refraction in Transparent Bodies and Its Application to Light Guides and the Like
E. A. Chandross, R. L. Fork, Ivan P. Kaminow and W. J. Tomlinson, III
U.S. Patent 3,689,264. September 1972

Light pen arrangement for providing three degrees of freedom for a light pen in an interactive graphics system
Herbert B. Baskin, Laszlo A. Belady, Carlo J. Evangelisti and Stephen P. Morse
U.S. Patent 3,680,078. July 1972

Tunable Laser in a Sensitized Transparent Material Including an Internal Resonator and Optical Guide
Ivan P. Kaminow and Heintz P. Weber
U.S. Patent 3,675,157. July 1972

Means for generating (a source of) surface and bulk elastic waves
Richard M. White, Robert E. Lee and Charles W. Turner
U.S. Patent 3,673,474. June 1972

Time Division Multiplex Optical Communications System
Ivan P. Kaminow
U.S. Patent 3,670,166. June 1972

Subatomic particle detector with liquid electron multiplication medium
Luis W. Alvarez, Stephen E. Derenzo, Richard A. Muller, Robert G. Smits and Haim Zaklad
U.S. Patent 3,659,105. April 1972

Induction Heated Optical Guide
Ivan P. Kaminow
U.S. Patent 3,647,277. March 1972

Optical Modulation by Submillimeter-Wave Signals and Applications Thereof
T. J. Bridges, Ivan P. Kaminow and M. A. Pollack
U.S. Patent 3,644,846. February 1972

Optical Scanning Apparatus Utilizing a Re-entrant Laser Beam
Ivan P. Kaminow
U.S. Patent 3,637,929. January 1972

Multipersistence display arrangement
Euval S. Barrekette, Herbert B. Baskin and Benjamin Kazan
U.S. Patent 3,634,621. January 1972

Modular computer sharing system with intercomputer communication control apparatus
Herbert B. Baskin
U.S. Patent 3,634,830. January 1972