Patents - 1974

Method for Producing Optical Waveguiding Layers in Solid Transparent Media
J. R. Carruthers and Ivan P. Kaminow
U.S. Patent 3,837,827. September 1974

A monolithic MOS/bipolar integrated circuit structure
Terence P. McCaffrey and Paul R. Gray
U.S. Patent 3,838,440. September 1974

Coupling Arrangements for Dielectric and Metal Clad Optical Waveguides
Ivan P. Kaminow and Heinz Paul Weber
U.S. Patent 3833284. September 1974

Transparent Media Capable of Photo-Induced Refractive Index Changes and Their Application to Light Guides and the Like
Edwin A. Chandross, Richard L. Fork, Ivan P. Kaminow and Walter J. , III Tomlinson
U.S. Patent 3,809,686. May 1974

Temperature-stabilized transducer device
Richard M. White and Ramesh Chandra Goyal
U.S. Patent 3,809,931. May 1974

Multiple-phase control signal generator
Carlo Heinrich Séquin
U.S. Patent 3,801,827. April 1974

Charge transfer imaging devices
Carlo Heinrich Séquin
U.S. Patent 3,801,884. April 1974

Martin H. Graham
U.S. Patent 3,797,479. March 1974