Patents - 1976

Thin-Film Optical Waveguide
Ivan P. Kaminow and Herwig Werner Kogelnik
U.S. Patent 3990775. November 1976

Short laser pulse generation by gas breakdown switching and highly selective spectral filtering
Julius Goldhar and Eli Yablonovitch
U.S. Patent 3,979,694. September 1976

Mode-locked laser
Erich Peter Ippen and Charles Vernon Shank
U.S. Patent 3,978,429. August 1976

Two dimensional distributed feedback devices and lasers
Shyh Wang and Sang K. Sheem
U.S. Patent 3,970,959. July 1976

Field effect transistor memory cell
David Albert Hodges
U.S. Patent RE28,905. July 1976

Lateral bipolar transistor for integrated circuits and method for forming the same
Richard S. Muller and Lewis K. Russell
U.S. Patent 3,967,307. June 1976

Semiconductor charge transfer devices with dark current background cancellation
Carlo Heinrich Séquin
U.S. Patent 3,963,942. June 1976

Block digital processor for use with nonuniformly encoded digital words
Donald Lars Duttweiler and David Gavin Messerschmitt
U.S. Patent 3,945,002. March 1976

Threshold switching integrated circuit and method for forming the same
Lewis K. Russell, Tich T. Dao and Richard S. Muller
U.S. Patent 3,943,554. March 1976

Two-dimensional transfer in charge transfer devices
Carlo Heinrich Séquin
U.S. Patent 3,934,261. January 1976